Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Connect with Customers with Local

"Improve customer loyalty: In the U.K., the restaurant chain Subway launched a location-based marketing campaign called "You Are Here." The campaign used LBA and multimedia messaging (MMS) to reach targeted users within close proximity to a Subway.
Users had to opt in first -- always an important consideration for a location-based marketing campaign. Once they had done so, they received MMS messages alerting them to special discounts as they were walking by a Subway location.
In a sense, Subway said, "Hey, next time you're near one of our restaurants, do you want us to send you a text with a special discount on it?" By confirming they were interested in receiving the messages, customers were giving Subway permission to text them."

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  1. whoa, that reminds me of that Tom Cruise movie I saw way back in my movie-watching days when he walks into the clothing store and they can see his info as he walks in; they read it off of his eyeballs or something. creepy. but if you opt in I guess it's ok... :)

    I suppose this too can be used for good :)


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