Friday, July 5, 2013

Location Management tool Yext

I have yet to try Yext local marketing tool. If anyone has tried it, please leave me your comments:
Manage and update business details for all your locations directly from our platform. Instantly add and update missing listings and information, including critical fields like addresses and phone numbers.

The highest correlation with Google organic SERP Rank

Presenting the correlations using Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, this newly released research data was used to determine that Google +1's (0.4) have easily the highest correlation with Google organic SERP Rank. This is closely followed by number of backlinks, Facebook shares, and Facebook total (summary of shares, likes and comments), each at 0.34. The same study published last year, looked at 21 factors, found social signals occupying 5 of the top 6 spots.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Connect with Customers with Local

"Improve customer loyalty: In the U.K., the restaurant chain Subway launched a location-based marketing campaign called "You Are Here." The campaign used LBA and multimedia messaging (MMS) to reach targeted users within close proximity to a Subway.
Users had to opt in first -- always an important consideration for a location-based marketing campaign. Once they had done so, they received MMS messages alerting them to special discounts as they were walking by a Subway location.
In a sense, Subway said, "Hey, next time you're near one of our restaurants, do you want us to send you a text with a special discount on it?" By confirming they were interested in receiving the messages, customers were giving Subway permission to text them."

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Location Based Social Networks

"Combining mobile and location-based services, social tools such as Foursquare and Yelp have been changing the way customers interact with the physical location of a business. These services offer more information for consumers, helping them make more informed decisions on where to eat, sleep, shop and relax.But a new crop of location-based social startups has emerged, going beyond the initial wave of innovations to build upon the experience of a customer who is about to visit or is currently visiting a business."

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Local marketing advice: Think Small

"Local marketing keys: community involvement

"This neighborhood-first mantra suggests a heavy dose of community involvement in your local marketing efforts. For example, here are three community-related marketing strategies:
  1. Good grades equal good customers: contact local school principals to offer incentives of free products or services to students who achieve high grades. When someone brings in a good report card to your business, give him or her the reward.
  1. Surveys equal more customers: regularly check the pulse of your customers with an attitude profile survey. You’ll collect useful data, learn what they like and dislike, and demonstrate your concern for their opinions, all at the same time.
  1. Complaints are your best friend: nine out of ten unhappy customers never complain — at least not to you. Instead, they don’t come back and then they go tell their friends. Your business needs to invite criticism so you can address the problem and turn it around."